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Chinese-Lessons is an educational website created, developed, and maintained as a hobby.  I'm solely responsible for all the content and any errors in the pages are mine.  Everything written here was written by me.  However, there are several people whose efforts have greatly contributed to the site.  This section of the site is devoted to thanking those people who have helped make this site better than if I were doing it all myself.

Voice Models

I would especially like to thank those people who have volunteered considerable time and effort to help make recordings of the sounds of Chinese.  At various times I have solicited the help of my friends and they have shown their friendship and desire to help others learn Chinese by being so willing to sacrifice their time.  My greatest thanks goes out to my friends for their hard work.


I would like to thank those people who have donated money to the site.  It says a lot about a person that they will pay for something they feel to be worthwhile even when it is not required.  Thanks to:

Site Visitors

I have gotten feedback from a number of people to correct bugs on my pages.  This feedback is really helpful.  Even when I'm aware of a mistake on a page it's good to be reminded of it and to know that others are noticing the problems.  Thanks to those of you who have taken the time to write to help me make changes, and also to those who just give encouragement.  If in two years I never got an indication that people were finding my site useful I don't know if I would continue adding content or not.

I'm particularly grateful for those who participate in the discussion forum.  In truth, this is what I plan to be the core of the website in the future.  The more people who post questions and answer each other on the forum, the better it will be.

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