Cantonese Sounds and Tones
Lesson 5

Cantonese Finals Quiz

The following quiz is intended to test your ability to discriminate the different final sounds in Cantonese. You can retake the test since each time the page loads the sound files used and correct answers will change.


Listen to the sound files and choose the letter that corresponds to the correct sound. Then click "submit" and check your answers.  Note: JavaScript must be enabled to take the quiz.



haang waai chaau
hang wai chau
hong wei chou
hon wui cho
hung wa chyu

deui fun muk
doi fung mut
do fong mok
dei fu maak
de fan mat

ta giu bing
taam gui bin
to gei bik
tou goi bit
toi gu beng

yeuk laau saai
yeung lau sam
yeun lou saam
yuk luk saan
yung lo san

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